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My mom and dad are dysfunctional.

A family that is always fighting is dysfunctional. My family fights all the time. We spend years not speaking to each other and even during trying times, politics will make us argue. Trying times like an pandemic. Still fighting. Still finding reasons to find fault with each other. Today, my mom attacked me on Facebook because I said that I hoe the pandemic inspires political change. She started an attack. After ignoring me and my text messages for weeks at a time. She responds to a Facebook post and in an argumentative manner. Dysfunctional. My mom is dysfunctional and so is my dad. \My dad is dysfunctional. I have a dysfunctional family and where is the escape? My siblings had families of their own. I'm too afraid of child birth and bear a mental health diangosis that no one wants to pass on to another unsuspecting child. So they tell me to not have kids. So I jsut have all this garbage in my head. Learning to heal from all of it. By ignoring my parents. I am probably smarter than they are at this point and while not older, I do have more education. I can think better and will figure things out. I'm avoiding them for now and this pandemic is helping me to avoid them. 



  • FYI... I'm not having kids because I like having my freedom. But people need to realize it is a personal choice and their opinion on the matter is not necessary.
  • I understand this all too well.  My dad was and is verbally abusive, and his targets (my family) have all been affected, from decimating the spirits of my mom to convincing my stepmother that I was 'crazy', (I try not to use that term but this is how it was put) to some members of my family emulating his ways toward others.  Trying to save one parent from another's harm is hard on a child.

  • Saving a parent should never be our responsibility. I tried to save my dad. Abuse and neglect stink. But we do learn and grow. We learn to take care of ourselves and become more aware.
  • This is very true.

  • I understand how painful it is to grow up in such a hostile environment. I too have grown up in a dysfunctional family. It made me emotionally stunted. I'm 34 now and still healing.
  • I'm 37 and still healing.
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