Abuse (1)

6 types: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Economical, Sexual & Verbal Abuse
Last reply on What are ways to heal from abuse without reliving it? Feb 16th 2020


Last reply on Meds or natural? Mar 29th 2020

Ageism (0)

Akathisia (1)

Last reply on Oct 7th 2015

Anxiety (1)

Last reply on Anyone Diagnosed who avoids Addictive Meds? Feb 16th 2020

Autism (0)

Benzodiazepines (1)

Last reply on Any advice for withdrawls? Feb 16th 2020

Bereavement (1)

Last reply on Any Advice for Grieving Souls Aug 29th 2020

Biomedical Therapy (1)

the use of medications and other procedures acting directly on the body to reduce the symptoms of mental disorders
Last reply on All in all.....WHO HAS REALLY BENEFITED FROM MEDS? May 27th 2020

Bulimia (0)

Dating (0)

Defiance (0)

Delusions (2)

Last reply on My Delusions Feb 28th 2020

Diabetes (0)

Dieting (1)

Last reply on (Untitled) Feb 29th 2020

Disability (1)

Last reply on College Should Be Freeeeeee Feb 28th 2020

Dreams (0)

Driving & Texting (1)

Last reply on Just don't Do it Feb 28th 2020

Emotional Scars (1)

Last reply on My mom created emotional scars Feb 29th 2020

Forgiveness (1)

Last reply on I forgive you mom Mar 29th 2020

Grief: 5 Stages of Grief (0)

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance

Hypomania (0)

Intoxication (0)

Intoxication by LSD, Mescaline, MDMA ('Ecstasy'), and Psilocybin

Learned Helplessness (1)

Last reply on Learned helplesssness Aug 28th 2020

Lobotomy (0)

Mania (0)

Marriage (0)

Nicotine Dependence (1)

Last reply on Is vaping safe? Any updates? Feb 16th 2020

Parenting (0)

Pharmaceutical Medications (6)

Last reply on Use of Geodon Feb 27th 2016

Phobias (0)

Psychosis (0)

Psychotherapy (0)

an interactive experience with a trained professional, working on understanding and changing behavior, thinking, relationships and emotions

PTSD (0)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Racism (0)

Seizures (0)

Sexism (0)

Stigma (0)

Therapy (0)

Trust (0)

Weight (0)

Replies:0 DO YOU BELIEVE HEALTHCARE IS A RIGHT? started Mar 17th 2020 by Blue Velcro

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