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What are ways to relieve agitation? Should you avoid the trigger?

What are self-soothing thoughts we can practce in moments of agitation?



  • In my case:

    i totally avoid watching news reports too much negativity.

    Avoid discussions in social media and just block or ignore toxic people.

    Some people may find useful to practice breathing exercises or meditate in my personal case my mind is always too loud for me to meditate so instead i sing and cry if i need to, it releses oxitoxin in your brain. 

    A hot shower before bed will help u sleep better. 

    Doing any sort of physical activity baby steps do matter even ten mins of dancing or whatever that makes u move ur body.

    I have 3 dogs a cat and a hamster and i wear they know when u are sad and they will try to cheer up up its such a good theraphy.

    Most important  talk to someone u trust let it out u may find out u are not alone in this and no one ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SHOULD GO TRHOUGH PAIN ALONE! 

    And dont be hard on yourself for feeling that way instead be your besfriend be the person you needed when u were a child and felt that way.


    Emphaths usually carry too much in their shoulders sometimes in good to think on your wellbeing first IS NOT SELFISH ITS SELF CARE AND SELF ESTEEM after u get  better u can help others foccus on yourself first no one can give what they dont have once u are healing your light will help others healing.





  • That is all really helpful advice. Hard to push out toxic people. My family is not very supportive but they are "kind" in the moment. Just don't come around. Both my sisters, Jeanette and Kristen, control the amount of time that I see them. I am not really invited out for social gatherings unless it's a child's birthday party or graduation. They invite me to those. but they do not hang out with me. I have not gone out with my family for a social event since my 20s. I have not spoken to several of them since my 20s. They all totally judge me for my condition, for my past behaviors, for things outside of my control. And they are harsh. They force me to take meds. It makes me sucidial to be around them. 

    I avoid them like the plague. So yes, remove toxic people. And don't go through pain alone. I don't really share my pain with others. So I Go to God in those moments. I trust God more than any soul on this planet that is in my family.. I trust you Jamie. You have solid advice and wisdom to share. And I am grateful that I met you and can call you a friend. 

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