Emotional Scars are so draining. You think about them and relive them and it feels like it is happening all over again. It's unfair what we went through. I have childhood emotional scars, scars from adulthood, and scars that I keep on producing. Life seems to build callouses of grief over our heart. How do you heal? I think when you can laugh at a situation, you have healed. And once we return to the other side, we will whole-heartedly laugh at everything. But why can't we get there now? Why can't we find ways to laugh now? Find ways to heal? So what I endured pain? I probably signed up for it. We sign up for our lessons before we incarnate in this dimension, this dimension which is filled just FILLED with negativity. We need to find ways to heal, to laugh again, to look to that which is pleasing and keep our focus on it. I've looked at the grief long enough. I think I need one good song to stand up to my mom and one good song to express that I also love her. And then I will be healed. That will be how I choose to heal from the trauma of knowing and loving my mom as my mother in this life. I will have to express it fully. Release it. Process it. Understand it. And then Release it Again with full knowing that I have healed. I have to heal from these emotional scars.