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I have not accepted my mental health diagnosis.

What is your diagnosis? Have you accepted your diagnosis? How has your diagnosis affected your life?




    It took awhile to accept a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Then the doctor changed my diagnosis to bipolar with psychosis. Then I quit my meds and went through a severe psychotic episoide. The diagnosis then became schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. Treatment and medicine that is prescribed for all of these conditions is the same or similar to one another. So my treatment has not changed despite a change in my diagnosis. I have learned to accept that this diagnosis, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, fits and that the treatment helps. But I have quit treatment at least four times only to severely relapse each time back into the symptoms of schizoprhenia or severe psychosis. I hate having to accept this diagnosis but thankful that treatment exists. Thankful that I am okay now and I did learn so much from my days of psychosis. I learned about what was important to me and I learned what has truly caused me pain and therefore learned who was good for me and who to avoid in my family. Traumatic way to learn but at least I can see some positive to what occurred, losing my mind.

    What is your diagnosis? Have you accepted your diagnosis? How has your diagnosis affected your life?

  • Hello To me at the begginning was very hard to accept the diagnosis but somehow knowing that i was ill and there was medication that could help me was also a relief helped me understand it wasnt me just being mean to people i love 15 years have gone by and i learned that if i like who i am i must be thankful for the good things and the bad things in my life cuz they shaped the person i am now, im not perfect far from it but i keep on trying to be a better humang being

  • That's all you can do is try to be better than you were yesterday. I love that perspective. Sounds like it's been a long road for you. It was indeed very hard to accept my diagnosis. I remember thinking that if I had symptoms of schizophrenia and the meds helped, I should take the meds. Because my mind was a mess off meds. My sleep was interupted, I had racing paranoid thoughts. So I took meds. I was emotional after I was diagnosed. Felt helpless. I have evolved so much. Now I just accept my diagnosis.
  • At first i was very reluctant to accept my diagnosis i did my own research and as reading i was like oh nooo this is so me and cried lots but as i said before was relief to know i was ill and it was not my fault nor my choice and knowing that there was medication that could help me was a relief it was not me being evil or ungrateful with life being depressed, i went off medication many times ended at hospital many times i was miserable without medication i would cry all night i was so scared delusional thinking the devil was torturing me and i had demons inside i dont wish that upon anyone. im glad im still alive and found help love and friends like you that understand me and i ca n talk to be fully honest with no judgement thats why this website is so beautiful its a safe place thank u again for making it possible LOVE YOU VERY MUCHYOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL U HAVE NO CLUE OF HOW  EAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL U ARE 

  • Your presence on this website is my blessing. I want to hear from others about their experiences with their diagnosis and treatment. My delusions including thinking the whole world was spying on me. And I hated that feeling. I also apparently don't lke a lot of people, doesn't really matter why or who, I just feel disdain for selfishness, for money hungry people. And I get very upset off meds. I take it all so seriously. Everything is life or death. I think the CIA is coming to my apartment to burn it down. That is extreme paranoia. I am terrified and I think I have to defend my life to the very death of me. Psychosis always gives me heart problems, fear, major fear, crippling fear. It's scary if you think you have enemies. And that is what I think off meds. I couldn't imagine if this were real life. When I come out of psychosis, I am always so releived that my thoughts were not real and that I am in fact safe. I always feel deep relief once the meds start working and change my delusional thoughts. This disorder is no joke. I am glad that you exist and you understand, tooooo. I'm so grateful for that. I'm grateful that we are friends. :) I'm just so grateful to even know you. Living in Costa Rica must be amazing. You are so beautiful too. <3 Definitely too kind for your own good. Thank you so much for being my friend and for sharing your experiences with your diagnosis, acceptance of schizoaffective disorder, and how meds help you. That is reassuring to hear that you are also helped. I have to take meds seriously. XXOO

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