How is it that the older you are, the higher a premium you pay in health insurance, whether or not you are healthy. It's just a mandated thing and I would label that as discrimination. If we mandate healthcare for all, would that elimate things like ageism in the system? I hope so. Any thoughts on this topic?

Should healthcare be a right for each USA citizen? If we can afford to pay so much in defense, can't we afford to chip into healthcare too? We bailed out the stock market for the #coronavirus #pandemic but we still can't afford healthcare for each citizen? How is it that we can allow someone to go without necessary treatment? Plus, healthcare for all, for everyone, will keep the costs of healthcare reasonable and ensure that all receive healthcare without experiencing discrimination. No one should be turned away for not having money for treatment?

Remember the movie Denzel Washington starred in about how his son needed treatment and Denzel could not afford treatment for his son. So Denzel takes a gun to the hospital and demands that his son receive treatment. That was a Hollywould best seller. That is the USA and that happens everyday and if the person does receive treatment, they are broke and need to file bankruptcy for medical bills.

It's an unfair system and I yearn for what European citizens are offered and hope the USA will get back to its roots and think about what citizen rights people are actually entitled to. Receiving healthcare should be a right and not only available to the rich and privileged.